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Logo Design Company in Dubai | Branding Agency in the UAE | JLT

Logo Design Company in Dubai | Branding Agency in the UAE | JLT

 Logo Design:

We’re a logo design company in Dubai that creates the first (and ever-lasting) identity of your brand. If your brand was a person, its logo would be the face and personality – both of which are often the first thing any prospect observes.

Having a unique logo for your business is one of the first steps of the branding process. In a modern metropolitan like Dubai with increasing market competition with every passing day, your logo is your crowd-magnet. Not only does it catch the attention of your target audience, but also manages to pique their interest in your business and services.

At Arcs & Curves, we create logos that turn businesses into brands. With our locally-based team of graphic artists, creative designers and illustrators – all under one roof, we design brands that leave a mark wherever they’re present.

We've even been listed among the Top 25 Enterprise Logo Design & Branding Agencies on DesignRush!

Our success as a logo design company in Dubai with clients across the UAE is primarily because of strict quality guidelines that are followed at all stages of the creative process. Our in-house team follows a 6-step process to ensure a foolproof briefing, designing, and confirmation mechanism.

We create remarkable logos for happy clients using the following process:

1) Understanding your requirements and generating the creative brief;

2) Researching the market – both local & international;

3) Conceptualizing & initial idea sketching;

4) Visualization & creative designing and

5) Presenting the logo to you for comments;

6) Finetuning, re-designing and confirming final design;

To get a custom logo for your brand, get in touch with us today. 

Branding Agency:

The difference between brand & bland is the letter “R”, that stands for the “Right” branding agency you approach to give a solid identity to your business.

Your brand identity is one of your unique selling points – something that makes you memorable and evergreen in the minds of people who matter the most to you.

Ranging from all kinds of firms – small start-ups to multi-brand enterprises, we’re proud to be branding agencies for brands of shapes and sizes. One of our many brand identity development examples in Dubai is Cooper Fitch, a leading recruitment firm in Dubai whose complete re-branding exercise has been our brainchild.

View the complete case study here.

We’ve been in the market for more than 5 years and have worked on numerous brand identities across various industries such as hospitality, recruitment, corporations and so on.

If you’re in need for a new brand identity development, you’re on the right webpage.

Get in touch with us to design a brand that gives you the best return on investment.