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Email Marketing and CRM Integration

Email Marketing and CRM Integration

Email Marketing Programs

If you’re looking at running an email marketing campaign for your business, it’s crucial to use a reliable email marketing program.

In other words, Email Marketing is incomplete without an Email Marketing Program.

Being a full-service digital marketing agency in Dubai (with clients all across the UAE), we not only manage your entire email marketing requirements from the start, but also undertake the design and development of the HTML templates that work best on multiple devices. We also handle subscriber list management and the launch of emails from our office in Dubai.

While maintaining complete transparency, we allow you to manage campaigns yourself by providing adequate training and tools involved in the activity.

Being an experienced advocate of email marketing programs such as Hubspot, MailChimp, VerticalResponse, SalesForce and many others, we take care of everything right from the beginning and even after the end of the campaign.

The custom real-time reports generated from these email marketing programs enable you to understand the behaviour of your contacts and accordingly employ tactics that work the best for them.

The versatile nature of these programs keep your campaign in check to review the effectiveness of each email as compared to the other.

CRM Integration

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration?

In very simple words, CRM integration is the process of building your website and CRM to function together simultaneously seamlessly.

In a city like Dubai, a smart business owner knows that a CRM isn’t just a system to store customer information and sales data in the form of manual entries. Instead, it can be fused with the company website to track the customers’ and website visitors’ behaviour and store it to create custom marketing strategies and targeted messages. 

Being an experienced website design and digital agency in Dubai, we at Arcs & Curves have created websites and integrated them with CRMs such as SugarCRM and SalesForce.

Our partnership with Hubspot - the leading sales and marketing software provider, enables us to integrate websites into the Hubspot CRM for detailed tracking and in-depth analysis of your website traffic and usage, along with critical customer information that can prove to be very useful while creating promotions and value offers. 

To get started, Get the FREE Hubspot CRM for your business and get in touch with us to take care of the integration. 

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