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Brand Guidelines Design & Corporate Identity Manual Development Agency In Dubai

Brand Guidelines Design & Corporate Identity Manual Development Agency In Dubai

Brand Guidelines Design:

Does your brand stand out?

Is it easily recognizable and understood?

Can it rub shoulders with leading brands in Dubai & across the world?

and more importantly,

Do you and your customers love your brand?

How many of the above questions did you answer with a “yes”?

The reasons to have robust brand guidelines are plenty - the main reason being - brand consistency across platforms, publications and communication. 

It isn’t just about logos and fonts - it’s about their correct application in a manner that preserves your business’ integrity throughout its lifetime. 

Brand guidelines design is an art that our in-house graphic designers and branding experts have mastered. Our strategic approach to putting your creative guidelines in place starts from researching & understanding your marketing objectives and target market. 

To find out how we completely redesigned the brand identity of a leading firm in the UAE, check out this case study. 

Our research process involves conducting a thorough audit of your brand, its competitors, your customers as well as the problems your company provides solutions for.  We believe that the better we understand your brand and everything associated with it, the better we can design the guidelines for it. By keeping creativity and research at the heart of everything we do, the final product is a brand with a unique flair and distinctive aura of creative design. 

We believe in the power of designing and developing brand guidelines as they provide a fool-proof method of representing your business in the most concrete and defined way possible, without losing any creative essence or style. 

Our detailed guidelines document lists all branding aspects such as - fonts, text size, positioning, alignment, colors, dimensions, voice, tone and so on. 

Corporate Identity Manual:

Our brand identity manual is tailor-made for your business and requirements with the goal of maintaining unique uniformity and recognizability. Having produced numerous corporate manuals for businesses of various sizes, our expertise in this area of design is well-nurtured. 

By equipping yourself with this powerful brand memento, you can avoid print & production mishaps by informing the concerned parties on how to treat your brand at any level of execution. This prevents loss of brand value, misaligned corporate elements, incorrect typefaces and so on.

To get your customized corporate identity manual, give us a shout and we'll take care of the rest.

With a team of designers, creative directors, and brand-makers, we undertake complete design and development of corporate identity collaterals such as:

  • Company letterheads;
  • Uniforms;
  • Stationery;
  • Vehicle branding;
  • Print collaterals;
  • Mugs & misc. items;
  • Digital applications;