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Experienced, passionate and reputed Website Design Company in Dubai

In today’s technology driven business environment, the internet influences almost every purchase decision that customers make. From a pen to a pent-house, people tend to research online for just about everything. The UAE boasts of very high internet penetration rates - close to 95% of UAE residents are active internet users.

When such a large chunk of your consumers are online, shouldn’t your business be too?

The first interaction, most potential customers will have with your company, is very likely to be on your website. This alone should encourage you to ensure your website reflects your business well and makes a great first impression.

At Arcs & Curves, a creative website design and development agency in Dubai, we have mastered the art and science of building websites that are not just designed beautifully, but are also built to support your business objectives and keep the leads coming.

Website is at the heart of the digital universe. Everything else revolves around it. At Arcs & Curves we build websites that work in congruence with search, social, email and other elements to help businesses run better, in the online space.

A testament to our website capabilities is our vast portfolio of clients who placed their trust in us, only to be delighted by our work. We have worked with companies in various industries - from hospitality, restaurants and sports to education, finance and health care. We count reputed organizations such as Marka Holding, Lulu International Exchange, Friesland Campina, Manchester Business School and Cooper Vision among our clients.

Our Capabilites

With an in-house team of UI / UX designers, developers and coders, website concepts germinate, develop and get implemented within our studio in Dubai. Since we do everything related to website projects in-house, we have complete control on the processes and quality of work. Projects are completed within deadlines and to the highest standards possible.

We have pulled of a number of challenging tasks - check out our case studies for Range Developments and Cooper Fitch.


Our in-house team is well versed with most of the contemporary technologies used to create outstanding online experiences. While we churn out the regular basic 10 page websites on a regular basis, we are equally adept at building complex online solutions for e-commerce and other applications. Below is a list of some of the key areas of our competency:

• HTML 5 • WordPress • PHP • Joomla • Drupal • Magento • Others • Corporate Website • Restaurant website • University website • Holding company website • Hospitality website • Retail website • e-commerce website • payment gateway • Google analytics • on-page SEO

Marketing your website

Investing on a beautiful and impactful website will only start earning an ROI when you market your website well. It’s redundant to have an awesome website that no one knows of or visits. Digital Marketing tools like SEO, Social Media and PPC campaigns help draw traffic to your website. Once a user lands on the site, the features you worked so hard on building, kick in. Page loading speed, beautiful design, easy navigation and meaningful content, will then ensure the user is converted into a lead and eventually, potential customer.

Arcs & Curves is a small and smart digital agency in Dubai. We build great websites, manage and maintain your online assets and help your business leverage the advantage of the website through our expertise in digital marketing.

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