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Take your brand presence to the next level with an immaculately designed & developed mobile application.

With so much ‘appening in Dubai nowadays, there’s a mobile app for everything.

Ranging from the simplest apps to the most functional and comprehensive ones, your brand can have an app for itself. You should be found whenever and wherever your customer needs you, and one way of doing that is to be present in the form of an app. Packaging your products and services along with key information & advanced functions becomes easy with a neat and nifty little app that conveniently rests in the menu screen of your customers’ phones.

That’s where we step in! Being a full-service digital agency in Dubai with expertise in mobile app development, we design mini-versions of your brand that can be held in the palm of a hand. 

A couple of benefits of creating an app for your business include:

1) Better Visibility to your Customers: With an increasing number of people engaged in mobile devices, more attention is being given to mobile screens. If your brand has an app, it has very high chances of getting noticed and used frequently; and

2) Direct Marketing Channel: With the help of a mobile app, your brands details are available at your customers' fingertips. It’s a great platform to transmit your marketing messages to your clients such as special offers and promotions using push notifications and app updates;

At Arcs and Curves, we undertake the provision of the following mobile app services for your business:

  • iOS Development;
  • Android Apps;
  • BlackBerry Apps;
  • Windows Apps;
  • Custom Apps Development;
  • Java Development;
  • Symbian Development;
  • Mobile CMS Development; and more services;

To create your very own and customized mobile app to increase customer engagement, contact us today!


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